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Pealkiri: Skoda service in Estonia? (Vastuseid: 1 | Vaatamisi: 7004)

Registreerunud 05.02.13
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postitati 05.02.13 07:45 Tsiteeri
Skoda service in Estonia?


My 2010 model Fabia Combi VRS is coming up on 60,000 kms this spring, and I was thinking that perhaps the periodic maintenance would be cheaper to get done in Estonia than here in Finland. I would also need a set of new summer tyres, and I might get the car washed and waxed after the winter, too.

The plan is to come over on the ferry on a Wednesday or Thursday some time in late April or May, leave the car in for maintenance, perhaps rent a replacement car, and to spend a weekend in Estonia with my wife. On Saturday we would pick the car up from maintenance, fill the trunk with beer and wine, and head back north on Sunday.

I found a list of authorised Skoda workshops on the Skoda Eesti website Are these the workshops you would recommend, or do you have better suggestions? Do you have any suggestions where I can get the 205/40 R17 tyres cheap?

Do you have any idea what a 60,000 km maintenance for a Fabia Combi VRS would cost in Estonia?

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postitati 05.02.13 09:16 Tsiteeri


Yes the 2 first are the official workshops in Tallinn that do maintenance for your car. You will not loose warranty and you will get official Škoda parts for your car.

You can also ask a price for your maintenance from
Just include your VIN number and car number.

About tires. If you want them cheap and used, then I suggest scooping through message boards (forums) and look for your size. There are a lot car forums - general and also mark and model based.

If new, then here we have several shops that are specialized for tires. About price I cannot give you any answer. Basically it's better to scoop through them and check for good price offers.
Some examples

Also check to and order them from England.

For wash and wax. You could always use Škoda-s own wash service, when you get your car maintained. Or if you would want something else, then I recommend

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